PHOENIX Cancellous Bone Chips

Secured and freeze-dried cancellous bone allograft for bone-void filling in Orthopaedic, Trauma, Neuro & Spine surgeries.


  • Living donors origin (hip arthroplasty)
  • Viruses and prions inactivation treatment followed by radiosterilization
  • Freeze-dried and secured packaging for a 5 year shelf-life
  • Osseointregation and bone reconstruction speed favoured by the quality of our cancellous bone grafts
  • Adapted volumes: from 5 to 30cc
  • Controlled cutting edge
 PHOENIX Cancellous Bone Chips 5 cc Chips 3mm side  Ref. BS02
5 cc Chips 5mm side  Ref. B02
10 cc Chips 5mm side Ref. B04
20 cc Chips 5mm side Ref. B06
30 cc Chips 5mm side Ref. B07


Open the double packaging following strict aseptic rules before use and rehydrate the graft by immersion in sterile saline solution. 
Rehydration time 10 min depending on the volume of the graft. Comply with instructions of use. 
Use physiological saline, preferably with blood or bone marrow of the patient. 
Roughen the grafting site, then impact the graft to ensure good primary stability.


This product is a tissue from human origin: 
• the graft implantation form must be filled-in (surgeon & patient names) and sent to TBF after surgery ;
• the receiving patient must be informed by the surgeon of the nature and origin of the product.


Do not use whenever there are some situations likely to limit the success of the graft: major osteoporosis, general or local infection...


PHOENIX Process 20 Yrs

PHOENIX Process 20 Yrs

Orthopaedic range

indications orthopedie