Clinical Efficacy

PHOENIX allografts consist of allogenic bone. They offer the properties of micro and macroporosity natural physiological human cancellous bone.

They consist of mineralized bone, delipidized, allowing immediate colonization of patient cells and vessels for rapid osseointegration.

These qualities were demonstrated by TBF in a multicenter study, were confirmed by various studies and scientific publications (see Bibliography section), and above all demonstrated by the users through the grafts clinical efficacy since 1994.

The effectiveness of grafts PHOENIX results in a mineralization rate of 48% at 5 months of healing.

Histologie 5 mois poudre PHOENIX 1 Histologie 5 mois poudre PHOENIX 2  Histologie 5 mois poudre PHOENIX 3 

Histological section performed on biopsy taken 5 months after implantation in a sinus - PHOENIX mineralized cancellous bone powder


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PHOENIX Process 20 Yrs

PHOENIX Process 20 Yrs

Orthopaedic range

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