TBF Tissue Engineering is authorized as "Tissue Bank" by the ANSM (National Security Agency of Medicines and Health Products, formerly Afssaps) for the preparation, storage, transport, distribution and transfer of tissues used for therapeutic purposes accordance with the provisions of the Code of Public Health since January 2001: authorization BT/16/M/001.

In addition, TBF has been granted marketing authorization by the ANSM for the following processes:

- PPT 115: Femoral heads
- PPT 116: Geometric shapes of bone grafts (blocks, plugs, sticks and wedges)
- PPT 117: Geometric shape of cortico-cancellous bone grafts (cortico-cancellous blocks)
- PPT 118: Cancellous bone chips and powders/particles  (chips and powders)


Besides, TBF has been granted by the ANSM an authorization Export of tissues of human orgin: authorization IX/16/M/002.


TBF is also certified by LNE / G-MED as ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003.

PHOENIX Process 20 Yrs

PHOENIX Process 20 Yrs

Orthopaedic range

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