PHOENIX Cancellous Bone Wedges

Secured and freeze-dried bone allograft for opening (addition) tibial osteotomy in Orthopaedics and Trauma surgery. 


   • Product resulting from the collection of femoral heads during hip arthroplasty in France, following strictest compliance with sanitary rules
   • Quality of mineralized cancellous bone favoring osseointegration
   • Viruses and prions inactivation treatment followed by radiosterilization
   • Freeze-drying and packaging for a 5-year preservation at room temperature
   • Most advanced mechanical and chemical treatments, completed by radiosterilization ensuring virus, prions, fungi and bacteria inactivity
   • Adapted grafts heights and angles


PHOENIX Cancellous Bone Wedge


Height 6 mm / Angle 6°

Height 8 mm / Angle 8°

Height 10 mm / Angle 10°

Height 12 mm / Angle 12°

Height 14 mm / Angle 14°


Ref. W06

Ref. W08

Ref. W10

Ref. W12

Ref. W14


 PHOENIX Graft Rehydratation      

Open the double packaging following strict aseptic rules before use and rehydrate the graft by immersion in sterile saline solution.
Rehydration time 15-20 min depending on the size of the graft. Comply with instructions of use.
Use physiological saline, preferably with blood or bone marrow of the patient.
If necessary, cut and shape the graft to the shape of the defect.


This product is a tissue from human origin:
• the graft implantation form must be filled-in (surgeon & patient names) and sent to TBF after surgery ;
• the receiving patient must be informed by the surgeon of the nature and origin of the product.

This product does not offer mechanical resistance. It must be used in conjunction with suitable material capable of supporting mechanical bone stress related to the tibial opening, for a period of at least for 18 months.



Do not use whenever there are some situations likely to limit the success of the graft: major osteoporosis, general or local infection...

Patients who receive a treatment with cancellous bone wedges should be able to understand the importance of osteosynthesis material to support the mechanical strength.


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