Innovation at TBF

In parallel to the manufacturing and distribution activities of bone allografts, TBF is investing in biotechnology innovation upon processes to bring new therapies to practitioners.

Latest research are focused on :

NerVFIX® - Nerve Regeneration Conduit

Decellularized, freeze-dried and sterile allogeneic artery and vein from umbilical cord for NERVE REGENERATION in Hand & Foot Surgery. 

VISIO AMTRIX® - Human Amniotic Membranes

Sterile, devitalised and dehydrated transparent collagen layer for corneal defects repair, conjunctiva surface reconstruction in Ophthalmology.

AMTRIX® & ACMTRIX® - Human Amniotic Membranes

Sterile, devitalised and dehydrated amniotic and chorio-amniotic membranes for Wound Care, Dental Surgery, Nerve & Tendon Wrapping, Tissue Reinforcement.



Exclusively from living donor – These Tissues are removed during childbirth following strict safety rules.


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Dental range

Indications dentaires