TBF, as a leading innovative biotech company, is open to several types of collaboration with organizations who share the same ethics and vision of the benefit to the patient, and to whom we can bring a strong added value.


As a part of its growing expansion, TBF is seeking to build trustworthy and mutually fruitful partnerships.
In this context, TBF welcomes dedicated and committed Distributors or Agents willing to offer their customers efficient, easy to use and safe solution for bone-void filling (PHOENIX® human bone grafts).

GMP Services

TBF can offer to interested organizations GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) contract manufacturing services for production of cell therapy or tissue engineering products, autologous or allogenic batches for clinical trial medicinal products or marketed products.

TBF Tissue Bank status fully complies with the requirements set by the 2004/23 European Directives on Tissues and Cells and its facilities meet the biotech cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) to ensure that products meet utmost requirements for identity, strength, quality and purity. 

The GMP facilities have been approved by the Afssaps (French MOH authorities).


On some geographical areas, we can share our experience and professional know-how, through technology transfer and/or licensing, with organizations willing to acquire such technology in order to drive their business more efficently towards the sterile freeze-dried cancellous bone grafts markets.


If you are a Tissue Bank, a potential marketing affiliate, a R&D Dpt or an industrial organization willing to use or distibute our know-how or products, do not hesitate to contact us.

Dental range

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