In parallel to the manufacturing and distribution activities of bone allografts, TBF is investing in biotechnology innovation upon processes to bring new therapies to practitioners.

Latest research are focused on :

NerVFIX® - Nerve Regeneration Conduit

Decellularized, freeze-dried and sterile allogeneic artery and vein from umbilical cord for NERVE REGENERATION in Hand & Foot Surgery.

VISIO AMTRIX® - Human Amniotic Membranes

Sterile, devitalised and dehydrated transparent collagen layer for corneal defects repair, conjunctiva surface reconstruction in Ophthalmology.

AMTRIX® & ACMTRIX® - Human Amniotic Membranes

Sterile, devitalised and dehydrated amniotic and chorio-amniotic membranes for Wound Care, Dental Surgery, Nerve & Tendon Wrapping, Tissue Reinforcement.


Exclusively from living donor – These Tissues are removed during childbirth following strict safety rules.

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Dental range

Indications dentaires